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This page describes the usability and sense of vehicles historically and in-game.
For general information about all armed forces see: Armed forces
For a list of all vehicles in Men of War see: Men of War - Vehicles list
For any information about vehicles folder in resource archive see: Entity (folder)

Vehicles are mobile transport utilities which are used by civilization and military to provide a fast carry of human and material. They are replacement of the old carriages which were used even in some forces during World War II. This article is focused on the military sense of "vehicle", such as fight vehicles or support vehicles.


Vehicles basicly consist parts which differ in armor level and appointment:

  • Bottom: Carries the crew and/or meterial.
  • Roof: Protects against wether conditions (ie. rain) and light bullets. Also provides a visual cover for the crew.
  • Front: Mostly the heaviest armoredand/armed side of the vehicle.
  • Back: Mostly the lightest armored/armed side of the vehicle.
  • Side: Mid-heavy armored sides.

There are examples of vehicles (such as the Universal Carrier) where there is no roof. This might have multiple reasons, for example to simplify the exit on emergency when the vehicle is under attack. An exception of these examples is the tank which has got a dynamic turret sometimes.

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